The most flattering and comfortable swimwear to invest in this summer

  • by Elyssa Fields

Don't you think that, above all, swimwear should be comfortable? And ideally not feature glitter or rhinestones that can block a turtle’s oesophagus, or metal rivets that can scorch you after 40 minutes in the Ibiza sun? It shouldn’t require ironing, either. Obvious, but something to consider if you have a weakness for broderie anglaise and ruffles.

If ever there was a summer when the world’s swimwear counters are your oyster, this 
is it. After months with sunny 
foreign holidays off the menu, there are some real bargains to be found. Arabella London has miraculously found a niche in the crowded swimwear market, producing beautifully constructed, contoured bikinis and one-pieces in a large range of cup sizes, with tops and bottoms that can be bought separately for maximum comfort and the best possible fit.

They’re expensive, but built 
to last, extremely flattering and come in shades – bluebell, blush-pink – you don’t often find in cheaper lines. If you’re staycationing, you may have some spare cash to finally invest in quality swimwear. But aftercare is important: rinse out with tap water and when you get home, some mild soap. Dry flat as hanging stretches them – and not in direct sun as that may fade them. Never tumble dry as this can damage the elastic. The quote above comes from  

The swimwear in our shop is from is designed as a fashion garment. Slinky Matt Lycra Printing on custom made swimwear requires special fabric. Slinky Matt Lycra glides over the body smoothly and provides great support and form, making it perfect for personalised swimwear. Lycra is the ideal platform for printing bold, colourful and intricate designs. 

Custom printed swimwear

Style it with What we love most about our personalised swimsuit UK is the fact that it can be worn in more than one way. Create the perfect relaxed holiday look and tie one of our Customised Sarongs around your waist, to give your swimsuit an extra dimension. You can complete the look by adding a pair of our Custom Made sliders or flip flops, and showcase your personal style from head to toe! The swimsuit can also be worn as a bodysuit and worn under jeans or our Custom Leggings, creating a beautifully streamline and sleek silhouette, which is so on-trend for the season. Top it off with our Customised Baseball Cap and create a designer wardrobe filled with personality.

Check out the beach accessory collection here.


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