Our Mission Statement: Zero Waste

Our Mission Statement: Zero Waste means that each product is manufactured exclusively for you and machines are turned on when you press the "BUY" button. 

You have the power to decide which product will become a reality. All catalogue items are high quality carefully designed virtual products that does not exist before there is a demand generated by you.

We do not invest in stock; we do not have expensive warehousing structure and distribution channels, we do not have shops, we do not pay rent, and you do not have to pay the markup costs. We are investing only in the original artwork from independent artists.

We can afford unique and bold statement designs because we are not facing the risk of burning money if the collection is not successful. And even more important - we are not polluting our planet with waste of products that nobody needs.That's how we manifest our Mission Statement: Zero Waste.

The Printing Boutique does not serve the mass consumption market; we cherish individuality and offer you our bespoke designs.

We have carefully selected manufacturing partners across the globe and manufacturing is optimised at the location nearest to you: USA (CA, NC), Mexico, Australia, Latvia, Spain, Japan. Eco iPhone cases are made in Latvia only.

We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed creating them. Let us know the feedback; stay in touch.

With love,

Printing Boutique owner

Dace Druva